Palavra da Presidente

This is another dream come true. We wish and will transform the lives of those young boys and girls. They will become fulfilled human beings, ready to live their lives in any kind of situation. Through sport,  we are capable to work into values of life. The sport dictates rules.

We are going to root some principles into them and their families, in order to create a syncronized gear. I believe in the reverse path, which means parents being transformed by their own children.

The GMI, the surfers attended, and even the crew that has united forces with us to work in this project, will be like our children. We are getting several children. It´s a feeling of happiness and also a huge responsability and we are going to take seriously this new path that God has given us.

The Institute is the dream of a child generated, who was born and, with full happiness, resposability and love will be breastfed, we´ll teach how to walk, to talk, helping during his formation and then we´ll be delightful with the results they´ll bring in the future. We will be thrilled again, and again, and again several times until the next generation.

We know that not all the participants will become future champions in the waves, they´ll prepared to be good citizens and winners in the careers they choose instead. I know their reality, I lived that reality. Whatever the profession they pick, they´ll make the difference. Let´s take the opportunity and potentiate this tool we´re developing.

We want to change the reality of a village, later, make a change of a town, than of a state, of a country, and so on. This will be spread out. I believe in that. Let´s plant now, then a lot of people are able to harvest in a closer future. It´s all about the seeds that will become fruits. This is for sure, I guarantee. Thank You God!

Simone Medina, president of GMI (and Gabriel Medina´s mother)