The Gabriel Medina Institute

Since when he became the first brazilian world surf champion of WSL, Gabriel Medina turns out to be admired by thousands of fans. At Maresias, where he grew up and still resides, he was already a reason to be proud of and an example for the community for his relevant achievements. Although there wasn´t a formatted project yet, the surfer and his family always helped the children of their region and have encouraged the development of the sport in the coast of São Paulo, Brazil.

Created from the dream of the first brazilian world surf champion, along with his family, the Gabriel Medina Institute (GMI) has at main purpose to provide new values for the surf, create new champions on waves, using the idol as a role model. With selected athletes in Circuito Medina/ASM, the institution offers, for free, the same structure that today Gabriel Medina counts on his technical training, and also physical and medical, besides providing language and computing classes to the athletes, in order to aim the future tracks.

The family believes that the sport is an important social tool, because it requires discipline, which is an essencial feature in education and in any kind of career they´ll choose. Pioneer in the world, the GMI has the goal to be a reference in Brazil and even outside the country, due to the big structure presented.

The Structure

The participants will count on with trainings with professional teachers, equipments available, gym, classrooms, doctor´s office, pool and elastic bed (for air trainings). Another highlight is a palanque to hold championships and battery simulation.

There will be also an auditorium for classes and social educational lectures and a computing laboratory, created in partnership with Microsoft, where they´ll learn how to edit their own videos, capturing the waves they surfed. Beyond a medical monitoring, included on the philosophy of health promotion, the GMI will also have activities linked to oral health as well, with treatment and prevention.

Following the purpose to teach through sport, our only requirement to attend the project is the proof of school attendance.

The headoffice is strategically settled at Maresias´ Beach, seafronted, in the exact same place where Charles Saldanha taught Gabriel Medina to surf. In the Institute, Charles works as a leader, advisor, passing all his experience along with Gabriel, in order to apply the same methodology to the boys and girls. “We will try to do our best for them, so they can give their best of them”, said him, a.k.a Charlão Medina.

Gabriel announces that, whenever it´s possible, he will be close to the Institute´s activities, so he can also pass his experience to the young talents and even joining them to surf. “The kids won´t be missing anything at all. This Institute also give me strengh. I will represent not only my city, or my country, or even my family, but also I´ll be an example to the young people”, Gabriel commented, reffering to the athletes of GMI.

The participants will have theorical and practical classes daily, with meal and a lot of interaction for the development from their habilities and techniques. The programming with the surfers will be settled from monday to friday, in two times (mornings and afternoons), allowing the 40 beneficiaries to attend regular school part time of the day. There will be still special trainings on weekends, with competition simulation.

Also on weekends will be develop some social activities, envolving the families, with professional courses of manicure, pedicure, make up, hairdressing, with duration of three months, monthly meetings with the parents and parties in celebrating dates.

Through the surf training in a playful way, encouraging the permanence of the young talents in schools and contributing for the social and intellectual development, the GMI wants to prove to the participants that, behind an athlete, there is also a citizenship engagement, in all the aspects (social, educational and sporting).

We also want the young people to acknowledge the innumerable benefits that the sport can provide in your lives, teaching discipline, work team, respect to hierarchy, dealing with victories and defeats, setting goals, achieving the dreams, winning obstacles, and many other things present on the random time of each citizen.

Besides that, is it generally known that the benefits provided by the regular practice of physical activity, whether in the health promotion, whether in the social context, where the moral valus are created or even in the discovery and development of young promisses. The work is just getting started.